Carbonio – Enabling Tasks feature

Carbonio CE offers a new Tasks feature from version 23.12.0 and it looks great.

If you have a previous Carbonio CE installation and don’t have it there you need to upgrade it to version 23.12.0 and then follow the instructions below to activate Tasks.

Installing packages

Some packages need to be installed:

apt install carbonio-tasks-ce carbonio-tasks-db carbonio-tasks-ui

Setup Services

As usual, after new Carbonio packages are installed you must run te command below:

pending-setups -a

Bootstrap tasks database

Almost all Carbonio CE features require some database setup. It’s not different with Tasks, so let’s bootstrap it:

# PGPASSWORD=$DB_ADM_PWD carbonio-tasks-db-bootstrap carbonio_adm

Restart to get it working

New tasks services must be restarted:

systemctl restart carbonio-tasks-db-sidecar.service
systemctl restart carbonio-tasks-sidecar.service
systemctl restart carbonio-tasks.service

Done… now go into the users webmail and test it!

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