Week 25-30 /06/2014 Roadmap

I\’m going to try to keep a little track about my main nerd activities every week. Just for the record so I can look at it in the future and remember.

1 – XMPP Prosody server installed on diasporabr.com.br POD

This was some nice hacking. Play with Lua and it\’s libraries to figure how to make Prosody match passwords on the Diaspora database.
I had to touch \”mod_auth_sql.lua\” quite a bit to make it and install bcrypt lua library to.
I need to do a Howto about it some day.

2 – Get in touch with elasticSearch

This is a fantastic tool to make searches easier. The deal is that you must to import all you data in json format into it, and then ES allow you to normalize it and with a couple of extra tools like Kibana you get wonderful dashbords to see you data on this graphics.

It works as a cluster to but it is not resilient to link fail over, I mean, if you got two sites and there and link fails one of them will stop work.

Next week I will get deep into it and let you know more.

3 – Test Diaspora environment

I got a VM in VirtualBox running Diaspora as the same way I got in diasporabr.com.br to test my crazy ideas and learn more about how it works

4 – Try to install jwchat a Jabber web client

My original idea where get jwchat into Diaspora interface through a html iframe. Ugly? sure! But what can I say? I don\’t know how to develop on Ruby yet. Eventually I will and the I will do things the same as ugliest but in ROR 🙂

5 – I make a little srcript to monitor Ruby sidekiq process

For some yet unidentified reason sidekiq process dies and this make Diaspora fails in a lot of little but important things, like integration with other social networks and don\’t display captcha on the sign in page. So I made this little script that run every 2 minutes by cron to see in sidekiq is there, if not, stop and start diaspora.

6 – Another small script to clean swap

Ruby is a very hungry piece of software and every now and then it use swap memory even with plenty of RAM memory available. So… another small script to clean swap and get the server more efficient.

7 – Install a Plugable-UGA-165 USB video card on openSUSE

I bought a Plugable-UGA-165 on Amazon and it arrives yesterday. The installation was a \”piece of cake\”: just plug it on USB and it\’s done. I\’m on openSUSE 13.1 with 3.14.4-30.gbebeb6f-desktop kernel from Tumbleweed repository. It came with this free driver called \”udl\” that find the device out of the box.

The tricky part is figure how to make the X know that this new device is there. After a lot of research on Internet and a couple of Xorg wrong tries I found here http://www.displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?t=62411 this command:

xrandr –setprovideroutputsource 1 0

I\’m not completely sure of what 1 and 0 means, but it works perfectly! So I added it on my .bashrc and then used Gnome screen configuration tool to do the rest.

This is how my desk looks now!


Now I know that it works and how to set it up. Now I want more! 🙂

This is… see you next week!




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