TOSR what a great piece of hardware

More than a decade ago I was in Cu\"IMG_20141122_011905\"zco – Peru on a Free Software conference presenting a small software I\’ve written that controls GNU/Linux servers through cell phones using email arbitrary commands.

LESP-CEL was conceived to allow me to have remote and mobile control over my own servers when smart phones where not affordable science fiction things.

After my presentation some important guy from the Telecommunications Minister come to talk to me about how use LESP-CEL to reboot servers in advanced communication stations over the Andes Cordillera. They have this posts to allow communication between both sides of the Cordillera. After all this is a small country divided by the largest mountains in the world.

We couldn\’t figure it out but just because we didn\’t have the right hardware to have the job done. I conceived the idea of a manageable power cord to remotely switch each socket on and off.

Just a couple of months ago I found TinySine on-line shop and it\’s wonderful toys and I was sure that know I would make my almost 20 years old dream became true. Be aware that the embedded software is also Free as in Freedom, using \”tinyos\”!!!

So I bought a TORS08 with the wi-fi module and decided to make it. A 8 sockets power cord arrived and after some handcraft cutting, blending, isolating and screwing it was done as you see in the pictures.

I just bypass every socket power into each TORS8 rele so it can be switched on and off.

I hope you enjoy it and get inspired to share your ideas!



About me: I\’m Brazilian from João Pessoa, where I live. I do work, write, study and live IT since ever. It means almost 30 years. The last 18 dedicated to advocate in favor of Free Software.
If you want to be in touch send me an email: anahuac at anahuac dot eu


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2 comentários em “TOSR what a great piece of hardware”

    1. Olá,

      1 – O processo de importação foi tranquilo. Chegou pelos Correiros e tive que pagar R$ 72,00 de impostos;
      2 – Eu comprei este que já vem com o módulo wifi;
      3 – O meu não tem sensor de temperatura. Não me atentei para esse detalhe. Hoje compraria um com esse sensor;
      4 – Não tenho como comparar com Arduino pois nunca brinquei com Arduino. Mas estou me redimindo e já encomendei este kit inicial:

      Saudações Livres!

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