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linux-libre on openSUSE


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After some time asking openSUSE for a linux-libre howto I got the courage and tried to do it my self. In fact, as usual, it was much more simpler than I expected.
Now I’m a happy linux-libre user on top of openSUSE and here is how I did it:

  • # zypper in ncurses-devel gcc make
  • # cd /usr/src
  • Download linux-libre from  I choose 3.19.0-rc7
  • Untar it like this: # tar -jxvf linux-libre-3.19-rc7-gnu.tar.bz2
  • # cd  linux-3.19-rc7
  • # make menuconfig -> Just open and close it saving. It will create the .config file
  • # make -j4
    • 4 is the number of cores you want to use to compile it. The more better.
  • # make modules_install
  • # make install

At this point it is already compiled and installed all you need to do is reboot and choose it from grub list.

To fix it as you default kernel use yast to define it.

Libre Regards!